Friday, June 24, 2011

Aggie Swim Camp

Allison went to Aggie Swim Camp for the first time this year.  It was an amazing experience for her.  It was worth every penny we spent to send her to this camp.

I was able to watch her last practice session on Thursday, June 16th.  I had never been in the A&M Nautitorium before.  Let me just say that place is amazing!  It is a really nice facility.  I wish Allison could swim there all the time.  Maybe when she gets to college.  ;) 

While watching Allison's practice I realized that each lane had a coach.  That was really cool.  I guess I didn't expect that.  They did several drills and then practiced going off the blocks.  I really enjoy watching my kiddo swim.  She is getting really great at it too.

After I picked up Allison from camp, I was excited to hear what she had to say about it.  The first thing she told me was that her butterfly stroke was easier and she got way less tired doing it because of what they taught her at camp.  She proved that this past weekend when she dropped 10 seconds off her 50 fly during a swim meet.  She swam that one in 40.44 seconds!  Wow!!!  Guess Aggie Swim Camp paid off!

We'd love to send her again next year.  She had such a great experience.  One thing they did was video tape the kiddos while they were swimming.  They videoed them above and below the water.  The coaches made comments for them to work on so they'd know what they needed to improve.  It really clicked with Allison.

Allison also met kids from all over the place.  She said she really had a good time with them.  I am so glad, but it makes me slightly sad that she is old enough to do this kind of thing.  But, I am super proud of her!

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Mandy said...

I'm proud of her too! I'm glad that she got to go!