Friday, June 10, 2011

Momma, I'm coming home!

Today will be a busy day once the little chickies wake up.  We will be getting things ready to head to Bryan/College Station in the morning.  I am looking forward to this so much!  Ally is excited to get to swim camp.  She started packing her "stuff" yesterday.  I need to go back through it and make sure she has the stuff she really needs.  :)  Whitney is looking forward to going as well.  She wants to see a couple of her friends and go to some of our favorite places.  I'm hoping to get some pics taken of her and Allison while we are there.  They have some really cool places for pictures.  I'm really looking forward to seeing my friends as well.  They make me smile, laugh, and just plain happy.  And, maybe I'll be able to find some cool Aggie stuff we don't have here.  We'll just have to see.

In addition to getting stuff ready to go, I have a few errands to run today and I've been working on getting my scrap room cleaned out and organized.  There is a lot of trash in there from the girls sneaking in to work on their own projects.  I have found a few things that have been fun to look through and several things that I just plain need to send to the trash.  I am hoping that I can have the room organized by the end of the month so I can paint it and really start using it.  It is a great room and I feel inspired when I go in there.  Hopefully, it will be full functional soon.

This morning I made some blueberry pastry things for breakfast.  They turned out pretty good.  I took fresh blueberries, rinsed, and added a few dashes of lemon juice and a few sprinkles of sugar.  Then, I took the dough for 2 crescent rolls, joined them together so I'd have a big rectangle.  I put the blueberries on one side of the dough, sprinkled on a little more sugar, folded the dough over and crimped the edges together.  (It was more like folding the edges over.)  I then used spray butter to coat the top of the blueberry pouch, sprinkled a little more sugar on top and then baked at 375 until they were golden brown.  (I think I actually baked a tad too long.  Blueberry juice started running out of them.)  Once they came out of the oven, I sprinkled powdered sugar on top.  They were delish!  I am pretty proud of how they turned out.  Now, if my two rugrats would just wake up so they could try them out and let me know what they think.  :)
Well, I guess I better start marking things off my to do list.  I have plenty to do and plenty to get ready for the next week.  Have a great Friday!  :)


Peggy said...

You must have the Grandma Scott "knack" for baking young lady! They look very tasty! When I looked at the photo of the two girls, I was amazed at how grownup they already are! Wow...Have a good Friday! I love you all, Aunt Peggy

Mandy said...

That looks GOOD! Send one this way!