Friday, June 29, 2007

Inconsiderate or Just Plain Stupid?

Have you ever been really excited about something just to have somebody completely blow the steam out of it? Well, I have. Today. And it sucks -- completely hurt my feelings. I wish people would think about things before they speak. Sometimes I think we get so involved in what WE feel about something that we forget to think about the other person's feelings. Or sometimes we are just being stupid. I don't know which. But, I digress.... Either way, it sucks.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Best Friend is talented...

But some of you already know that. She is an amazing scrapper. I love to watch her create and I love to see the end results after working her mojo in a scrapping marathon. I'm sure you'd love it too. But, that's not what I am talking about. She is talented in other ways too. And, I have evidence. Oh yes, Aubrey. That's right. I am posting the pics. :D My best friend can stand on her head. And not fall down. For a while. All 6 feet of her! (That's right. I said 6 feet. You should see the two of us together! We look like Mutt and Jeff!) Here's the proof!

I laughed my butt off when she was doing this!!! Whitney had been standing on her head balancing against the couch and Aubrey decided to show her how to do it without the couch! I cracked up! I had NO IDEA she had this hidden talent! Who woulda thunk it?!?! What I see a trip to America's Got Talent in the future? :D

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Backyard visitor...

This little guy visited us yesterday afternoon and had Deuce all worked up. He was barking he head off! He just couldn't stand it! Allison went outside to see what got Deuce's feathers ruffled and came running back in to tell me Deuce had found a turtle! She was so excited and her blue eyes were just as big as could be! I was so tickled at her!

No gym time today. :( My knee hurt me most of last night and finally this morning it feels better. A couple of Aleve works wonders! ;) I think I need to not go today so that it doesn't hurt tonight when we play softball. Kinda bummed about it....
Aubrey and Taylor are coming today. I am excited. I really miss having Aubrey around to chat and hang out with. Before they get here I need to get the laundry folded and the house straightened up. It's not too bad but it definately needs to be picked up. The girls helped out a bit yesterday.
I have to brag on Ally a bit. She is really trying to earn the extra $50 she needs to get an iPod. So, she came in and took everything out of her bathroom and then mopped and cleaned it! Without being asked. I am so proud of her. She is trying to be responsible. My little girl is growing up much faster than I'd like!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

At it again!

Went to the gym again today. I took the girls to the "Time Out" room to watch tv while I walked on the treadmill and the track. It wasn't as tough today. But, I soon realized my legs were a bit sore from yesterday. Not too bad once I got them going and warmed up though. I got tired/bored on the treadmill and decided to hit the track. I walked most of the way around it each time. A few times I did a little jog thing on the far side when nobody was looking. :D My right knee has been sore off and on for the past couple of weeks. (I think I hurt it or pulled it playing coed softball.) It was pretty sore today. I hope that it feels better soon. I don't like the way it feels. And, I have a softball game tomorrow night. I don't really need it to be hurting me when I am kneeling behind home plate. Cross your fingers it feels better by then!

On the weight loss front I am looking at doing something I haven't done before. I have seen this on TV a few times and have been pretty impressed with it. So I am looking at really doing it. It is Bob Greene's The Best Life Diet. It is really more of a lifestyle change. It also helps you to change the way you are thinking about things so that you can be more successful. I am pretty interested in this. Plus, they give you meal plans that don't seem to have any crazy ingredients and a weekly shopping list! I think that is the coolest! I have trouble with this part of dieting because I just don't always know how to change my mindset and know what is really and truly a healthier alternative. I have found that a lot of the things that we think of as healthier alternatives aren't really all that great a choice. Know what I mean? So, I am going to look into Bob Greene's plan a bit more and I'll let you know if I choose to do it!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Against my will...

Well, not really. I went to the gym today. I finally made it at 4:15. It was hard to work myself up to go. I got up from a nap and was groggy and not in the mood. I wanted to go tan. But, my kidlets really wanted to go to the gym and convinced me I needed to go. So, needless to say we went. I rode the bike for a while and then walked the track. I even ran (actually jogged) when I got to places where nobody could see me. hehe! It felt good to go to the gym. I am ready for tomorrow. I plan on going sometime before lunch so that I can get a good workout and then take the girls down to the pool area to swim for a bit. They are VERY excited about that and absolutely can't wait. It will be fun to get in the pool with them. And, as hot as I was today when I got finished I am sure it will feel amazing!

Later peeps! Have a good night!


It is just beautiful out today! I can't believe the sun is shining after so many days of rain. We had so much rain this past weekend it knocked the electricity out for a couple hours. Allison wanted to get on the computer and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working until I reminded her the electricity was out. She had this look like "DUH!" when I told her. It was cute. She was aggravated. She wanted to look at Hannah Montana stuff.

I am trying to get motivated to go to the gym. But, I am having a really hard time. I have so many other things I'd rather be doing. Plus, I slept later than I had planned today. I wanted to get up around 8:00 and I didn't wake up until 9:00. That kinda set my day off. I thought I'd get up and go to the gym early. Didn't happen. I think I will go this afternoon though. I have to get back into it. I feel so much better when I am working out. Plus, the clothes fit better. That's always a GOOD thing! I'll keep you posted on how the workout stuff is going. Hopefully, I will be able to post lots of "I've been to the gym!" type of posts! Cross your fingers for me! :D

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rain rain go away!

Today was a beautiful day -- sunshine and blue skies. The girls went swimming at Uncle Don and Aunt Claudia's house while I helped Aunt Claudia on a scrapbook. They swam, played well, and had fun. Until the skies began to rumble. We weren't sure it was thunder at first, but the clouds soon moved in and ended the swim party for Ally and Whit. I got them out of the pool about 20 minutes before the bottom fell out of the skies. You wouldn't believe the amount of rain that fell! The street in front of the house was flooded up to and over the curbs. I haven't seen it rain/flood like that here is a very long time! I really wish I had been able to take some pics of it. I was just too afraid to get my baby (aka my camera) wet. The girls thought it was pretty cool though.

***Good Puppy!***
Dixie has been a sweet sweet girl as of the last few days. We have given her free reign of the front part of the house by blocking off the door to the hallway and bedrooms. She loves it. She and Deuce have been buddies playing and wrestling quite a bit. It is wearing her out too. She is super tired at night. That means Momma gets some sleep!

***BrOkeN RecOrD!!!***
I broke a record of sorts today. I usually take anywhere from 2-5 hours to finish a scrappy layout. Today I scrapped for about 4-4.5 hours. And guess what????? I basically finished 5 layouts! Woo! Hoo! I have a few things to add to each page but nothing major. Simple things like a ribbon here or a brad there. You know, the finishing touch kind of things. I have a couple of things I want to work on tonight too. Maybe I'll be able to get them done lightning fast as well!

***Blog Times***
On the blog front, I am trying to learn as much as I can about blogging and getting my site personalized. Today, I figured out how to get my slide show added on the side instead of as a post and I put a clock on my site. I'm starting to like the look of my blog a little better. :)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Jail Time...

Well, my poor Dixie has made her way to doggie jail. That's right! I kenneled her little butt up! She was being an absolute terror!!! I took her outside to go to the bathroom. It was thundering pretty good -- no rain -- and she decided she really didn't want to go. She'd rather make me chase her all over the backyard making sure she hit every wet and muddy spot possible. And did she ever go. Well, NO! As soon as I get her back in the house she decides that my rug in the living room looks pretty inviting and decides to dump down right there. Yep...On my rug. Before God and everybody! Mike was kind enough to let me know my puppy was pooping on my rug. Thanks Baby! So, she is in time out for now!

Well, it has been a while since I last blogged. I don't really have a good excuse. I have just been lazy. Well, once the school year ended. The first week of summer break I had to go to 3 different workshops, but really and truly I don't have an excuse for this week. I have done as little as possible. My excuse was that it was hot in the house and I didn't want to get any hotter by doing anything. But, then the A/C guy came on Wed. Now, I don't have any other excuse.

Lots of things have happened since I last blogged. Let's see if I can remember all of them!!! (In no particular order!)

Whitney graduated from Kindergarten on May 22. She even wore the cap and gown. She looked really cute and I had a hard time believing my baby was old enough to go to 1st grade. She will be at my school next year! :D They also did class awards that day. My dear sweet girl recieved the Funniest Frog Award. Basically, she is a class clown. My heart is just bursting with pride! LOL (Can you just see my red face as she got the award?)

I found out where my classroom will be next year. It is right next door to Ginger Riley, Ally's 2nd grade teacher this year. She is pretty nice & seems easy to get along with. I still haven't taken my stuff up to school but I think I will start working on that next week.

Got some really cute scrappy stuff made. I gave the girls teachers frames as end of the year presents. I really like how they turned out & they were lots of fun to make! I hope they enjoy them!

I also went to an amazing auction with Mike's cousin, Valerie. I had so much fun just looking at all the things that this woman had up for sale, including the house. She was an antiques dealer and had a hord of stuff in her HUGE house. Her house was 20,000 square feet under roof, 14,000 of it being living space. It was something else. And, there were only 2 people that lived in that house -- the lady who owned it and her 17 year old son. The house was 3 full stories and her son had the 3rd floor all to himself. We were able to walk through the house and look around at all the things that were going to be auctioned off. The lady and her son were there. It had to be really weird watching strangers walk through your house. The mom was acting like she was hosting a party or something. Very strange. Anyway, I had never been to a auction before and I must say that I am HOOKED!!! Oh my! And you should have seen the amount of $ people were paying for things! HOLY COW!!! I know that some people were dealers but some of them weren't. I bet that some of the personal buyers spent a few thousand dollars on the stuff they bought. I had fun just watching them! But, I did get in on the action when they had some small baker's racks up for auction. They had Texas stars on them and I just really liked them. So, I jumped in on the bidding. (That's what's addicting!) Got the highest bid too! This is what it looks like. I have it all decorated now. I have my cook books on it, some vintage quilt pieces, and some miscellaneous stuff. I love it. Mike likes it too. :D

Last weekend Aubrey and Taylor came to stay with me. Taylor had a fastpitch tourney in Longview. I love watching that girl play. She is so dedicated to what she does. And, she is really good too. All of that and just 14 years old. Aubrey and I didn't get to scrap any. Not enough time. I hope we have time when they come back to stay on the weekend of June 22nd. Got my fingers crossed!

I thought I'd share this picture of Allison and Dixie. I think it is pretty cute. Allison has been doing a pretty good job of acting like a big girl lately. She hasn't been arguing with her sister as much and has been trying to be more helpful. She has learned to bathe Dixie and that is a HUGE help to me! Not to mention that she does a good job of it! She and I have had to go clothes shopping in the last couple of weeks since she has completely outgrown some of her clothes! (Can you believe she is almost as tall as me???) Anyway, she is a bargain shopper! She knows how to check the sales racks! LOL And, when I tell her no to something she really likes she has done a pretty good job accepting that answer. I'm pretty proud of her lately. She is such a good girl!
Well, gang, I'm outta here. I'll try to do a better job of posting! Later!