Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stoking the Fire or Getting the Boot?

Anybody that knows me knows that I always, as my Aunt Peggy says, have irons in the fire.  Multiple irons.  Too many at times, but it makes me feel good to be able to say that things are done and I can move on to the next thing to be completed.  It is really hard for me to stop and take time for myself when I get my mind set on "stoking the fire".  As scatterbrained as I can be sometimes, I like order.  No comments from those of you who know me well.  :)  Seeing things in their places and getting rid of the stuff that fills our lives is very freeing and it just makes me feel good.

Summer break is usually the time of year that I try to tackle as many projects as possible.  This year is no exception.  Cleaned the leaves out of the garage, cut a piece of wood to make a shelf, then painted & distressed    it.  Looks awesome!  Got it hung up tonight.  By MYSELF....(well, almost.  I needed Mike to hold it up so I could screw the brackets into the wall.)  Did a little more laundry (that never ends), and cooked dinner.  I did stop for a couple hours to hang out in the pool with the girlies.  It was quite relaxing.

While I did all of this, I did NOT wear my ortho boot for my ankle.  I know I am supposed to wear it all the time, but when you are sanding, painting, sanding (again), and cleaning out a garage, the boot just doesn't work for a couple reasons.  #1 - It is hot as hell!  #2 - All the dust, dirt, and leaves would inevitably be stuck to my boot and that would be one more thing that I'd have to clean up.  That just wasn't on my list today.  I case you are wondering about the boot.  Here's a pic...
Now, how did I end up with this lovely thing on my foot?  Want the good story or the truth?  The good story would go something like this... I was wearing my cape and tiara while saving the world from "the bad guys".  I was on a mission for good and somehow "mysteriously" hurt my foot and ankle.  Yea...I like that so far.  What else can I add... The real story, though, is almost as good.  At least I think its pretty funny.

About a month ago we had some stormy weather that blessed us with plenty of rain.  Dixie and Deuce, the furbabies, don't like to be outside when it's wet.  They don't realize they are not human and think it is totally below them to get their feet wet.  Whatever... We caught a break in the weather one night and stuck the pups outside to go to the bathroom before they went to bed.  After they came in, Dixie went to bed with Allison, and Deuce went to bed with the grown-ups.  The next morning Mike let them both out of the bedrooms and headed them toward the door.  Well, it was no longer raining but the ground was still wet. Needless to say, I don't think the babies went outside, let alone pottied, for long.  At about 5:45, I heard Mike saying something about how one of the dogs had peed in front of the love seat.  Being the good wife I am, I decided that I'd go clean it up so he could get to work.  As soon as I walked out of our bedroom, I slipped and busted my ass.  I hear Mike call from the kitchen, "Did you just fall?"  I'm thinking, NO SHIT!  Didn't you just hear my ass land on the ground???  Once I picked my pride (and ass) up off the floor I noticed that it wasn't just wet in front of my bedroom door, it was wet all the way down the hall and into the living room.  (Thank God we have laminate floors and not carpet in these areas.)  There were also little wet spots through the sun room going toward the door.  I could not believe how wet the floors were, but I knew it wasn't a leak.  Well, at least not a rain leak.  It was a dog pee leak...and I landed right in it.  UGH!  GROSS! I think I spent the next 10-15 minutes mopping up the wet mess and then actually mopping.  It was a grand way to start my day.  I pretty much came to the conclusion that Dixie, who NEVER uses the bathroom in the house, must have held it as long as she possibly could and just started peeing on her way to the back door that morning.  Several people have asked me if the dog is still living after that incident.  Yea, she is.  I couldn't be mad at her.  I wouldn't want my feet wet either.  Plus, she's pretty darn cute.
Dixie in Miley the Cat's bed
I wasn't sore right away, but over the course of the next 3-4 weeks, my foot and ankle started hurting more and more each day. Then the inside of my foot started swelling.  I finally got in to see my foot doctor last Friday.  Basically, I have pulled the tendon on the inside of my ankle.  It control about 95 % of the movement in your foot and is just as important as the Achilles tendon.  When Dr. Witt told me that and said it was a pretty serious injury I was dumbfounded.  I wasn't expecting it to be serious.  He said that it was just pulled now, but it could tear or rupture if we didn't treat it aggressively.  He gave me prescriptions for 2 different anti-inflammatories and stuck me in the boot.  I get to wear it until June 22nd when I go back to see him.  This is the point that I should really start complaining about it, but honestly, despite the fact that it's hot, my ankle really does feel better when I have the boot on.   It got pretty sore today. Should have worked with it on, but I didn't want to get it dirty.   I hope that by the time I go back to see him, it has progressed enough to take off the boot.  Keep your fingers crossed for that one!

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Mandy said...

I lived in a boot like that for 6 weeks. There are these cool things called trash bags that you can put over them. You can also wash the lining. At least I could. SO, the next time I hear you are not wearing it, I will call Susan and we will come "help" you out it back on! Love you!