Thursday, June 23, 2011

I got the boot...again...

Yesterday I went to the doctor to let him check my ankle.  Before I even got there I had a feeling he wasn't going to let me take off my lovely boot.  It gets sore when I am on my feet too long and it has swelled a couple times.  So I wasn't surprised when he told me I needed to keep wearing it.  He pushed on the tendon that I pulled and based on where I told him it was still tender, he did say it had improved.  But, it is still tender right at its weakest point, just below my ankle bone where the tendon connects to the foot.  He was glad to see improvement.  So was I...especially after he said that if it hadn't improved I would have ended up on crutches or in a wheelchair to immobilize it more.  Thank you Lord for letting it begin to heal!  I figured at this point that he'd tell me to keep wearing the boot and come back in a couple weeks.  I was surprised when he told me to come back in 4-5 weeks.  I wasn't sure I heard him right at first, but I did.  4-5 more weeks in this hot boot.  28-35 more days... All in all, he said it takes about 6-7 weeks for this tendon to heal properly.  Guess I'll have to tough it out...  I'm thinking I need to "bling" the thing up. It might as well be cute if I have to wear it.  Not to mention I am sure that I am paying a pretty penny for it too.  (Insurance is great, isn't it?)  Got any ideas?

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