Thursday, January 31, 2008

Design Team Call for AC Bailey Designs!

Design Team Call at AC Bailey Designs! AC Bailey Designs is an online community and store, PLUS a growing Direct Sales Company. Currently we have a 300 member online forum and gallery that needs a little TLC and motivation! We need your help to encourage ALL of our members to start participating, contributing and having fun in this fantastic hobby of ours! If you think this is something you can do, read on…We are looking to add 6 talented, motivated, enthusiastic Designers. We would like 3 who are, or are willing to become, Consultants (or Hobbyists), who will be selling product and promoting the direct sales side of our company in addition to their Design Team Member responsibilities, 2 Traditional Design Team members, and because we are adding some fantastic New Digital software programs to our product line, 1 Digital or Hybrid Design Team Member. There will be different compensation and responsibility structures for each type of Member, each will be described in detail in your contract, but below is a basic outline.Traditional Design Team Members and Digital Design Team Member- 3 LO’s a month, 1 must be a 12”x12” LO, other’s can be as small as 8”x8” or 2 LO’s and 1 small project- Regular forum participation with daily scrapbook related posting- Participation in the weekly rotation of SQOTD, QOTD, Inspiration Corner, Sketch and Ad Challenge, DT ChallengeConsultant Design Team Members- All of regular DT responsibilities listed above- Participation in a weekly rotation of, Business related news, Business tips, Advertising sources for consultants, Advertising the businessConsultant Design Team Member Coordinator- All of the Traditional DT Member and Consultant DT Member responsibilities- Coordinate the weekly rotation of the business forum - Admin management of the public business forums and the private consultant forumWhat are we looking in our new Members? Here is a breakdown:- Traditional DT Member: You must be scrapbooker, paper crafter or stamper who is not afraid to use the latest products. You must be an enthusiastic, dedicated, positive, team player and be willing to promote and encourage the growth of our site, forum, company and of our other Team members.- Digital DT Member: All of the above PLUS, you must have a working knowledge of the digital scrapbooking world. - Consultant DT Member: All of the above, PLUS you must be or be willing to become a Consultant or Hobbyist for AC Bailey. You will be required to meet all the business requirements, as well as your DT responsibilities. This will be a time consuming position.- Consultant DT Member Coordinator: All of the above, plus you must be published a minimum of 3 times and have a background in leadership and/or previous experience on a DT. This will also be a time consuming position.We also require that you belong to only one other Design Team during your term with us.What will you get in exchange?- Traditional DT Members: $25 in free product a month and a 25% discount to the store to use whenever you want!- Digi DT Member: 1 of the 2 new Digital Software Programs, $10 to spend at and 25% discount to the store to use as often as you like!- Consultant DT Member: $25 in free product a month and a FREE KOTM!- Consultant DT Member Coordinator: $40 in free product and a FREE KOTM!Each of you will also get the recognition of being on a Design Team, personal promotion on our site and promotion in our monthly newsletter that goes out to over 500 subscribers. You will get your own personal gallery and a section all about you on our DT page. Each member selected will have the opportunity to read the contract before accepting and will be signed for a 6 month term. So, ready to apply?Just upload 4 projects into our online Gallery at These must include 1 layout about yourself showcasing your personality and scrap style, 2 other layouts and at least 1 other project of your choice. You must also be a registered member of our forum with an average of 25 posts a week started with the date you apply.Also submit the following to name and full contact information- list of current DT memberships, links to any online galleries that you submit to and message boards or communities that you are active in (please include your board name)- if you have an online gallery, please provide the link.- list of any or all publications (when and where)And answers to the following questions:- How long have you been scrapping?- What product can you not live without?- How would you describe your scrap style?- Are you afraid to step out of your box?- What would you like to get out of this experience?- How is your scrap space? Messy or organized?- What can you bring to our store, community and customers?Our Call will run from Feb. 1st thru March 1st. Decisions will be made by March 7th, with the new Team Members announced March 10th. (All dates are tentative based on response.)Thank you! Good Luck! And we look forward to hearing from you!PS... Spread the word!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Went back to work today after having 2 weeks off. Boy am I tired! My school kids were pretty good. Must have still been asleep from the holiday break. I pray that it lasts for a while! hehe Actually, it was good to see them. They were excited to tell me about their Christmas break. Allison and Whitney got up pretty good this morning. I was really expecting some griping and complaining from tired worn out girls but they did well. I think their tiredness is catching up though. They are wound up and pinging off the walls as I type. You know, kinda the crazy wild way kids act when they are tired. I hope they crash pretty soon. I need some peace and quiet! :)

Our weather has been really nice the past couple of days. We had a high of about 74 today. It was super nice when I took the kids to recess. I really don't mind this weather even though it doesn't feel like winter weather. It keeps my heating bill down and that is great with me! It has actually been a bit refreshing after the super cold weather we had last week.

I have decided to cut WAY down on the Diet Cokes. I will allow myself one a day as long as I get 3 bottles of water as well. I think that is so much healthier. It will also be a great tool to use as I try to lose weight. I am following the Weight Watchers plan. I am not joining but I have the stuff from when I joined in the past and I am going to use it. Found out that there some other ladies doing it at school so that could be a good thing for me. After my run after Dixie the other day I was convinced that the extra fluff wasn't for me anymore. Oh, and I weighed myself at school today too. I think the scale must have been broken because there is no way I could weigh what it said! (Can you see the look of shock on my face?) I need a lifestyle change. Time to get healthy. I grocery shopped after school today and I think I did pretty good. I see lots of chicken, lean meat, and salads in our future. Good thing I like that kind of stuff! I'll try to update my progress on here. I really want to do well!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Whitney!

Whitney is so excited to be 7 years old! She just couldn't wait. Last night she was so excited that she didn't get to bed until 1:00 in the morning! She kept saying that she would finally be a big girl when she was 7 years old. Today, she asked if she was really 7 because it just didn't feel like she was. I got tickled when she asked that. :) She had a big day today. We went to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch -- her pick, not ours. :) Her Nana and Papaw and Aunt Kim, Uncle Mason and her cousins Maty and Ren met us there. They had so much fun playing and she was glad they were there. They brought her presents and before we even knew it she was tearing into them! She got a really cute puppy in its own purse from Nana and Papaw. It has all kinds of accesories with it. She has already brushed its hair to make it look perfect! From her Aunt Kim, Uncle Mason, Macy, Maty, & Ren she got a Nintendo DS game. Now, my baby girls LOVES WWE wrestling. She watches it every chance she gets and when she found out that there was a game she was just dying to get it. I jokingly told her there was absolutely no way she could have it. She must have taken me seriously! When she opened up the Ninetendo game she was beyond excited to see what it was! I am so glad I got a picture of her face! It was just priceless! I love you Whitney baby!

Friday, January 4, 2008

My new shoes don't make me run faster...

This is two post day. It has to be because of my darling Dixie. I found out today that my new shoes don't make me run faster. What's up with that? When my Whitney gets new shoes she says it makes her run fast as lightning. Why didn't lightning strike today?

Today, the trash truck was picking up trash. This is not the usual trash day so I didn't have the trash out. I took it out and Allison went out with me. When Allison tried to get back in Dixie ran OUT! Well, little buddies, the chase was on!

Allison and I chased her down the street. The trash man even tried to help out a couple of times. He almost had her twice and she got away. Off I went again. The couple at the end of the street tried to help out too. Dixie just refused to come to anybody. Ally went home to get some dog treats. By the time she got back out we were already on the other side of the block. I chased her through 3 backyards before she decided she wanted to check out the street side again. My heart was pounding! She is still a puppy and she will never be very big so I was scared to death a car wouldn't see her and she'd be gone. Luckily, where she decided to come out at the street was an older woman checking her mail. Dixie checked her out but wouldn't get close enough to catch. I asked the lady if she had a piece of bread I could coax her with and she went in to get some. At the same time Dixie saw a couple of guys down the street and started heading for them. By this time I was exhausted. I had run my fat ass all over the neighborhood. (Pretty picture, huh?) It is not a good thing to be out of shape. Guess God was sending me a message... Anyway, I hollered at the guys to PLEASE try to grab her. She ran from the 1st guy but ran straight to the 2nd guy. THANK YOU LORD! He held her until I finally caught up. Wow! It only took me 45 minutes to catch her! Needless to say I was not happy having to carry her the rest of the way home. Although, it wasn't that far. By this point we had gone almost all the way around the block. She got a spanking and had to stay in jail for a while. I was laid out on the couch for a while trying to recouperate. I hope she doesn't do that to me again. I think I just might die if she does!

Did you survive the New Year?

We ended up at Mike's aunt and uncle's house on New Year's eve. I had a horrible tension headache that would not quit. I hate those things...... But we saw in the New Year and it was nice. The girls stayed up and saw it in too. But, just as soon as it was here Whitney put herself to bed and wasn't having anything else to do with all the hoopla. She was tired! Now, Allison is a different story. She was tired but too excited to go to bed. I think it was around 2:00 in the morning when she finally gave in to sleep. Needless to say she slept late the next day. And, I let her. :D

We go back to school on Monday, Jan. 7th. I am not ready to go back. I am enjoying my time off. I wish the breaks we get didn't go by so quickly.........

Whitney turns 7 on Sunday. It is hard to believe that 7 years ago I was still pregnant with her! She has grown up so fast. And, although she still needs me for some things, she is so independent! It just kills me! My baby is no longer a baby and that is hard to swallow. We are planning on taking her to any restaurant she wants to eat at on Sunday. I have a bad feeling that she will want to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. But, if that's what she wants...... She wants to have a slumber party the following weekend. It will be her first. I think we are inviting all the girls in her class -- which is about 11-- and I am not sure how all this will work but I think pizza, a movie, and cake will be good. She said she wants to play dress-up princess with them all. We'll see. We still have lots of planning to do! Mike has already made it clear that he ***thinks*** he will be gone that night. Thanks Baby! I'll have to take lots of pictures of this! I can't wait!

It's a beautiful sunny day today. I think sidewalk chalk is in order. Can't wait to play with my girls! Talk to you soon!