Saturday, August 25, 2007

Amy Winehouse=Rehab

I love this song! It's my new fave! I love it's retro sound! Pretty groovy, huh? :D Enjoy!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Pics, Finally!

Welcome to my classroom! I finally got some pics of my room up for all of you that have been asking for them! I am sorry it took so long but it has been hectic the last three weeks. Up until a few days ago I wasn't sure how I was ever going to get everything done. But, magically, it all came together and this is the end result. :) I still have a couple of things I'd like to do but they can wait for now. I just wanted to get my room teachable and I am pretty happy with it now!

This is the outside of my door. Our school theme this year is "We're wild about learning!" and we kinda have a jungle theme going on throughout the school. This is my contribution. I decided it would be fun to have a "jungle-y" palm tree on the outside of my door. I am going to try to decorate it for different holidays throughout the year. I hope I can figure out how to do that! It was a ton of fun to make. I ripped paper for the trunk and chalked the leaves. Then I hot glued it all to my door!

Inside of my door. It's pretty simple. I chalked the words on there and after I get pics of the kids on the 1st day I'll put them on there. I like how the chalk looks. And, it was fun to do too!

This is near my Reading table. The door is to the right. See my cute cow? When you open his head he moos!

This is from my desk to my door. I added the garland above the door and the white board and the zebra print fabric to the overhead table to get some of the "jungle" theme in my room.

This is my reading nook. Doesn't it look cozy!

This is the view of my desk from my door. I have more behind my desk that I thought! I didn't realize that I didn't get pics of the backpack racks I made and had Mike hang up. I'll take pics on Monday and get them uploaded!


I have some exciting news to share! AC Bailey designs ( will be having their one year anniversary celebration during the month of September! I can't wait to get it started! We will have mini crops every Friday, lots of games, and plenty of challenges to keep those creative juices flowing! It should be a ton of fun! Make sure to stop by and have a great time!
Later peeps! Have a great Saturday!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I can't wait...

I get to have my hair done on Thursday. ***FINALLY*** I was so disappointed when I moved back here to East Texas and found out the lady who had always done my hair here had retired. I just didn't know where I should go. I tried one girl and I liked her okay, but it just wasn't the same. Know what I mean? Well, I ran into Sherron, my old hair lady, at Wal-Mart one day and told her I was so disappointed she retired. I talked to her for a bit and then she gave me her number and told me to call her if I wanted to get my hair done. WOO! HOO! I got in touch with her today and we got it all set up. I so can not wait to have her do my hair. She is just awesome! I can't remember one time she has done something to my hair that I did not like. She's a dream hair girl! Seriously. I can literally go in and tell her that I don't care what she does to my hair. Just fix it up for me. And, she always has something in mind that I like. Scratch that. Something that I love! I can't wait! I'll post pics after I get my hair done. (That is if I can get the girls to take a pic of me without cutting off my head!)

Worked in my classroom today. I don't feel like I accomplished much today. I got some laminating cut out. (That seems to take forever!) Got some more stuff laminated. Put up some posters on the wall. Put some bulletin boards up. Made a list of things to do manana. I hope to get a lot done tomorrow -- including putting my desks where I want them. Cross your fingers for me that I don't end up cleaning up a lot of my girls' messes and can actually accomplish everything on my list. They have been doing a lot of art in my room and they are definately their mother's children. They create like I do -- they make a beautiful mess! Now, if I could just get them to clean it up!

Well, I really need to get off the computer and get to bed. I'd like to get up a little bit early tomorrow so I can get a jump start on some things. Pics to come in the next few days!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Joke of the day...

QUESTION: What's black and white and red all over?

ANSWER: My classroom!

HA! HA! This might not be as funny to you as it is to me. After all, it is late and I am exhausted tonight. I thought it up all on my own as I was just sitting here on the computer telling myself that I really needed to go to bed. I have worked so hard in my classroom this week. And still have quite a bit to do. It's getting there though. I'll take pics of my progress on Monday and post them for you later so that you can laugh at my joke too.

Well, peeps, I'm off to bed. My brain is tired. Good night!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

14 Years and Counting...

Just a quick update here. Yesterday was our 14th anniversary. Allison took this pic of us before we wentout to eat at Texas Roadhouse. We had a pretty nice night. I actually had free meal tokens for the girls and our rockin' waitress let us use them and then gave them back to us. How incredibly cool was that?!?! Needless to say, she got a nice tip! Anyway, after dinner we came home and watched America's Got Talent and then LA Ink. Maybe in the next week or two we will go on a real date without the girls. That would be fun. We haven't done that in a while....
On the scrappy front, I am considering entering the American Crafts DT call. I know there will be A LOT of people entering but I figure that if I don't enter I won't have a shot. So, what the heck. And, I have a couple of things I know I want to turn in. I think it would be pretty awesome to be on a manufacturer DT -- I know I would learn a lot too. Plus, it is pretty inspiring to work with other talented women.

Speaking of scrap goodnes, I thought I'd upload a couple of pics of some stuff I have done recently. I have had a lot of creative juice running through my veins and I actually have lots of ideas that I want to work on. But until then, I'll leave you with what I have done recently.

I found the inpiration for this on the Maya Road blog. Lisa Pace created something very similar to this using all six pages of the accordian album. It was stinkin' adorable and I knew right away that I would have to give it a shot. This is my version of her idea. I am in love with how it turned out. I think I had the most fun coming up with all the hairdos! I am going to put it in my classroom for now.

I'm really happy with the way this turned out. I gave drawing and handcutting out the title a shot and I really like how it looks. Whit really likes this one too. She just loved playing for Coach Steve!
I hope to work on some more stuff in the next couple of days. When I get more done I'll upload some pics. I'm off to work in my classroom now! Pics of that coming soon too!