Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Lazy Days of Summer...

So what did you do on this wonderful Sunday? I can honestly say that I did not really do a thing. And, it felt pretty good. I even took a nap for a bit. (You can do that when you are visiting your parents and your mom has your kids occupied. :D)

Mike went back home today since he has to work this week so it is just me and the girls at Mom & Dad's house. I will definately enjoy the down time here. Don't get me wrong though. I will help Mom around the house and keep it picked up. It is just different when it is NOT your house. The girls have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so far have made mud pies and helped Grandma in the yard. Especially Ally. She raked and picked up leaves and branches that my mom trimmed off the bushes and loaded them up in the wagon to be thrown away. Whit on the other hand had to have several breaks. Apparently it was just making her "so tired". Yea, right!

I have my scrap stuff out and ready to work on. If I don't get to it tonight I will definately work on it manana. I have several ideas that I want to bring to fruition. But for tonight I am feeling like being lazy. And that just feels good!

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