Sunday, July 22, 2007

Funny Pic of the day...

Okay gang... This pic totally cracks me up! I totally ganked it from an e-mail my dad sent to me. Can you just imagine seeing this go down the road? You definately wouldn't forget this company if you ever needed a plumber!

It has been hot as heck here. Actually, it has been humid. Now that I have somewhat recovered from my marathon running on Thursday night I have to get out to the ball park and sore myself back up since we have softball practice tonight @ 6:00. I hope the wind is blowing even if it is just a little. I don't mind being hot and sweaty as long as I can find a way to cool off a bit.

Guess I better get off here so I can rest up for about 30 minutes or so before practice! Later peeps!

P.S. Got my Harry Potter book and started reading today. Not too far into it yet but it already looks like a good one!


Marci said...

OMG, that photo is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. :)

Sue said...

I've seen something like this before, almost make you wreck cuz you are busy checking out the vehicle and not the road, LOL! Too funny :)