Friday, July 13, 2007


School's out and it is summer for me and I shouldn't say TGIF! but I can't help it. I love Fridays. Even summertime Fridays. That means that Mike is off for the weekend and we get to do whatever we feel like doing. Kinda nice. :D The girls are going to spend the night at their Nana's house tonight so we are going to have to figure out what to do. Maybe a date night? Maybe not. We had a LATE softball game last night, didn't get to bed until about 1:00 am and Mike is currently knocked out on the couch. Has been since he got home from work at 5:30. I don't blame him though. I was really tired today as well.

Well, the girls and I spent a little over a week at my parents' house. My sister and her kids got there about halfway through our visit. The girls got along marvelously this time too! Whit and Megan, my 4 year old niece, paired up and played while Ally and Devin, my 11 year old niece, acted cool together. It worked out really well..... While we were there we got some school shopping done. Bought a few clothes and school supplies including back packs. Ally is really excited about some of her stuff. She got some High School Musical school supplies. Her back pack says, "I love Troy!". She thinks that is funny because "Daddy is the only boy I like!" She even teased him about it. Pretty funny. I hope it stays that way for quite a while! But, she's a 3rd grader now so you never know.....

While at my parents my precious 6 year old decided to do something that I never expected her to do. Let alone know about at 6 years old. One night after everyone had gone to bed she decided to get up and roll (toilet paper) part of the dining room and part of the living room. Next morning we woke up to quite a surprise.....and mess. I have to admit, though, it was pretty funny! That kid is something else. I think she is the female Dennis the Menace. Always on the go, funny as can be, and you just never know what she will say or do next! A couple of years ago I took her to an open casting call for kids. It was a thing for models, acting, etc. I think mostly for print and televised commercials. She got a call back and I went to the meeting for it. It was actually an invitation to a huge open audition in Los Angeles. At the time she was just 4 years old and I didn't think I wanted to go that far with her. (I didn't realize it was a national casting call. I thought it was more of a local thing.) So, we didn't go. Looking back now I really wish we had gone. I think it would have been a great experience for her. She is such a little performer and always seems to be putting on a show for somebody. Maybe when she is a little older I'll see if she wants to do that. It has to be her decision though.

I have done a lot of scrapping lately. I will try to get some of it posted here in the next few days. Be sure to check back and see my new creations!

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Marci said...

The way that Hollywood corrupts kids, you were right NOT to take her. I wouldn't take mine either. Thats a hard business and kids grow up way too fast in it. You did the right thing.