Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Bite in the Buttocks

I had a softball game on Thursday and it was quite a game. We played a team that we had beat before but they made it quite clear that they had it out for us. We were trailing by 8 in the last inning, but as luck would have it we were home team and got to bat last. And, they switched pitchers on us. Too bad for them he wasn't a great pitcher. :D He walked several of us and a few of us hit so we did get some runs. Just enough to tie them. When we finally made our 3rd out we had to start another inning since we were tied. We were so pumped! 3 up 3 down! Back up to bat! I was up to bat first and walked. Yay me! Then, my brother-in-law came up behind me. I was a little scared about that! He can hit and RUN! I had to run all the way from 1st to 3rd and as some of you may know I am not, I repeat NOT, a runner. Poor Mason was running behind me yelling, "Run, Brandy, run!". All I could do was holler back, "I'm trying! I'm trying!" So I round 2nd and the ball is coming in just as I am a few feet from 3rd and then (to quote Forest Gump) "something jumped up and bit me in the buttocks." Actually, I got pegged right square in the left side of my arse! I have one heck of a bruise too! To end this neverending story, the next ball that was hit was overthrown at 1st so I snuck home to win the game! Yay me! :D I love games like this! But, I think I may be crippled for a few days from running so dang much!

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Brandy said...

first of all, i love the pic. secondly, i can't believe someone else uses the word "gank." not making fun, it has just been awhile. i love it!