Friday, June 29, 2007

Inconsiderate or Just Plain Stupid?

Have you ever been really excited about something just to have somebody completely blow the steam out of it? Well, I have. Today. And it sucks -- completely hurt my feelings. I wish people would think about things before they speak. Sometimes I think we get so involved in what WE feel about something that we forget to think about the other person's feelings. Or sometimes we are just being stupid. I don't know which. But, I digress.... Either way, it sucks.


Marci said...

I think that correct answer to your question is "both". Although there is a 3rd option - "self absorbed". On behalf of whoever that idiot was - Sorry :(

Mandy said...

Sorry about that! I've been there a few times.

JoE said...

Call them on it. Let them know that they hurt your feelings. I know it will probably be a hard thing to do, but it will eat you up unless you give it a try.

Use I-messages on them:
You would say-

I really felt________________
when you said/did_______________
and I wish that_________________

When you use that technique it is not so much an accusatory tone, but jumps right in and lets them know how and why they hurt your feelings.
A genuine friend will apologize.

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