Monday, July 2, 2007

Stars and Stripes Forever!

Okay. As some of you know I love to have my toes done. Can't stand to have me some funky feet! Anyway, I have always loved having them painted and in the last year I really liked a flower or two and maybe a crystal on my big toe. Well, recently I discovered nail art. And not just the simple flowers I had grown to love. Now, I want works of art on my feet! A little shop in our town does the toe art and I am completely hooked! I started off with a Burberry plaid painted on my toenails a few weeks ago. After a while my nails grew out and it just didn't look as fresh so off came the paint. (I hated that too! It was so stinkin' cute!) My toenails had been naked for about 2 weeks when I decided that I needed to get something on them today. So, off to Sally Beauty Supply this morning and here we go! I hadn't painted my own toenails in years so I had to really take my time. It is a lot harder to bend over your own feet as opposed to somebody else's feet! Anyway, it took a while but I got them done. And in the spirit of the 4th! I really do like how they turned out and I do think I will be doing it again!


Bucket said...

I love your toes.

Marci said...

I love'em Brandy, they are too cool. Awesome pic - great for scrapping! ;)

Laura Fiore said...

Brandy--that is so cute! Great job--I know it took some patience!