Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What a night!

Last night was just horrible! Let me give you some back story so that last night makes sense. We practice softball every Sunday. And, we practice hard. Not because we have to. Because we want to. It just feels good. Sometimes, though, I think we practice too hard. This past Sunday definately no exception.

Mike came home from work yesterday and said he was hurting. I thought he just had a crick in his neck/shoulder. You know, kinda like when you sleep on it the wrong way. But, as the night went on it just got worse. And worse. And worse. Turns out he had a HUGE knot next to his shoulder blade that was hurting all the way up his neck, across his shoulder, and down his right arm. He was nearly writhing in pain. And, there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. When he would lay down he could do nothing but toss and turn. When he was up all he could do was pace the house.

He felt horrible and I couldn't fix it. (That is an awful feeling.)

I even asked several times if he wanted me to take him to the emergency room. He wouldn't go. I think he probably would have gone if I had insisted. But, that didn't happen. I couldn't go to sleep with him feeling bad last night either. I was worried about him. I had NEVER seen him in so much pain like this. When he moved, I moved. We spent most of the night in the living room on the couches. Finally between 4:00 & 5:00 am I think we both dozed off for a while. I heard the alarm going off at 6:15, got up turned it off and came back into the living room. He said he was still hurting.

By 8:00 he was calling into work. He NEVER misses work. That says a lot there. I called the dr.'s office and they got him in right away. He had been in pain for so long that his blood pressure had risen pretty high. So, his doctor gave him a prescription for blood pressure pills (which he needed), anti-inflammatory pills, pain pills, and muscle relaxant pills. And, come to find out, the doc said he probably pulled the muscle in his back when he was throwing a softball at practice.

I guess between my hurt knee and his hurt back we need to remember that even though we are not "old", we are not as "spritely" as we once were. But, it sure feels good rockin' the hell outta some softball! Most of the time....


Brandy said...

boo! that's a bummer of a night! hope you guys regain your youth asap!

Sue said...

the exercise is good for you :) sorry about the ailments though!!