Wednesday, June 20, 2007

At it again!

Went to the gym again today. I took the girls to the "Time Out" room to watch tv while I walked on the treadmill and the track. It wasn't as tough today. But, I soon realized my legs were a bit sore from yesterday. Not too bad once I got them going and warmed up though. I got tired/bored on the treadmill and decided to hit the track. I walked most of the way around it each time. A few times I did a little jog thing on the far side when nobody was looking. :D My right knee has been sore off and on for the past couple of weeks. (I think I hurt it or pulled it playing coed softball.) It was pretty sore today. I hope that it feels better soon. I don't like the way it feels. And, I have a softball game tomorrow night. I don't really need it to be hurting me when I am kneeling behind home plate. Cross your fingers it feels better by then!

On the weight loss front I am looking at doing something I haven't done before. I have seen this on TV a few times and have been pretty impressed with it. So I am looking at really doing it. It is Bob Greene's The Best Life Diet. It is really more of a lifestyle change. It also helps you to change the way you are thinking about things so that you can be more successful. I am pretty interested in this. Plus, they give you meal plans that don't seem to have any crazy ingredients and a weekly shopping list! I think that is the coolest! I have trouble with this part of dieting because I just don't always know how to change my mindset and know what is really and truly a healthier alternative. I have found that a lot of the things that we think of as healthier alternatives aren't really all that great a choice. Know what I mean? So, I am going to look into Bob Greene's plan a bit more and I'll let you know if I choose to do it!

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