Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Against my will...

Well, not really. I went to the gym today. I finally made it at 4:15. It was hard to work myself up to go. I got up from a nap and was groggy and not in the mood. I wanted to go tan. But, my kidlets really wanted to go to the gym and convinced me I needed to go. So, needless to say we went. I rode the bike for a while and then walked the track. I even ran (actually jogged) when I got to places where nobody could see me. hehe! It felt good to go to the gym. I am ready for tomorrow. I plan on going sometime before lunch so that I can get a good workout and then take the girls down to the pool area to swim for a bit. They are VERY excited about that and absolutely can't wait. It will be fun to get in the pool with them. And, as hot as I was today when I got finished I am sure it will feel amazing!

Later peeps! Have a good night!

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