Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today was pretty cool...

I made this frame last night for the Creative Christmas Countdown we have going on at AC Bailey Designs. I am really pleased with how it turned out too. I took it to school today just to show a couple of people. Harmless enough, right? Well, I got to talking to a teacher friend of mine and told her about the etsy stores for crafters. (Etsy is like an online store/site for crafters to sell their goodies.) Anyway, we were talking about what something like this should cost and we finally decided on something we both thought was reasonable. She had some of the same thoughts and ideas as me and I think I really needed to have somebody else tell me. Know what I mean? Anyway, I thought I'd "test" it out by showing this frame to some people at school and tell them a price. I NEVER dreamed anybody would actually WANT one. But, within about 10 minutes I had 7 orders for picture frames! How cool is that! I couldn't believe it! I am so excited though. I only showed a few people -- maybe 10 -- and got a really great response! I think I may need to push this a little more. It could be quite equitable for me... :D (Love it!)

I have been pretty busy lately. School has been hectic and stressful. We have so much to do to get the kids ready for the TAKS math and reading tests. The reading test is in March. They have to pass this test to go on to 4th grade in TX. That is a lot of stress not only on the kids, but also on the teacher! Eek! (See the sweat bullets beginning to form?) And this week and next are going to be rough since the kiddos are ready for Christmas break. If the truth be known, their teacher is probably more ready than they are. I need a break!

My sister and mom can relate to the stress. They both teach 4th grade. Mom in Oklahoma, Mandy in Florida. I am glad that I can call and vent to them and they totally get it. It is nice to have somebody understan exactly where I am coming from. Mike can sympathize but he can't empathize. Ya know? I usually call my mom. She has taught longer than ever. I am not even sure just how many years she has taught. Mom, you need to leave me a comment and let me know. :D I can call my mom for anything. It is nice to be able to call her and know that I can count on her and Dad for anything. I hope they know just how much I appreciate all they do for us. I have great parents. I am a lucky girl. Thanks for being there for me Mom and Dad..... Love you lots! XOXOXOXO

I need to get the girls situated in bed. We are a little late getting there tonight. I guess they will be fine though. After all, Christmas break is only 7 days away! Talk to you soon gang!

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arlsmom aka Lynda said...

Super cute frame!!! WTG on getting others interested in them!!