Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Just Call Me Grace...

That should be my middle name. I seem to do the most graceful things at the worst possible moments. Or at least in front of too many people.

Today's situation:

I really needed to hang some things from the ceiling in the hall at school today. Okay, didn't NEED to but WANTED to. The kids made some cute ornaments and I thought I'd hang up for everyone to see. So, I do the most logical thing a gal of 5'2" can do. I get one of the kids' chairs and decide to use it. I pull it out into the hall and climb on up. Not for long though. The chair starts to feel like it is sliding on the tile and lo and behold it is! Two legs of the chair are totally coming out from under the chair! Well, being the graceful swan that I am I totally bust my a$$ right in front of the kids that were in my class because of course I start right smack dab in front of my door. I hit the floor with a nice smack! (I later found out that the gal that teaches next door to me heard it. She just didn 't know what the sound was! Lucky me!) Anyway, this was the conversation that followed my graceful decent:

Colby (my 9 year old student): Are you okay?
Me: Yes, I'm okay.
Colby: You don't look okay.
(I think, 'Thanks kid!')
Me: I promise I am okay. I think I just bruised my pride more than anything else.
Colby: Okay. If you say so.

I love that I can be so graceful under fire. Lucky for me there weren't any classes in my hallway at that time. Usually our hallway is pretty busy. I lucked out. I hope I get lucky the next time I fall. Oh, yeah, this wasn't my first time. I took down a table earlier in the year. I just leaned up against it....with my hand! Like I said, just call me Grace!

Whoever is sending the message...... I GOT IT! I need to lose a little of my fluff! I promise to start working harder on it! :) (Just gotta get through the holidays! Can you say YUMMO?)hehe

Got any stories like this one? I'd love to hear them so I know that I'm not the only one in this boat! Later!

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