Sunday, April 29, 2007

Deuce + new Puppy = Happy Dog!

I have a serious problem. I want a puppy. Like yesterday.

After we lost Chelsea in August I was completely heartbroken. She was MY baby girl. And losing her was just like losing a child. I cried a mile of tears every time I thought about not having her anymore. And then I cried some more every time I looked at pics and thought about all the things that made her my special girl. I don't think I will ever get over it. Deuce, our boy dog, was even depressed for quite a while. I didn't think I would ever want another puppy and thought that Deuce was just enough. I didn't want to go through that again.

Well, I have decided that my baby boy needs a friend. He loves other dogs and has a blast playing with them. As it is now, he just lays around the house all day long watching cartoons or soap operas (lucky boy!) when we are gone at school and work. (Isn't that the life!) He's a happy dog. Easy going, laid back. You know, just rolls with the punches so to speak. But, wouldn't he be even happier if he had some company to play with? :D I definately think so! ;) So, don't be surprised if we have a new addition to our household soon. I even think I have Mike on board with this one. Keep your fingers crossed that I find me a real cutie soon! Later peeps!


Aubrey R said...

You know how I LOVE dogs, but, do your research to make sure it's the right dog for you.

I put your link on my blog!!! Just now. Instead of blogging tonight after getting home from Austin, I just added you to my blog. :-) Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Brandy, Your mom told me about this blog. It was so good to see the kids and hear about what you all are doing down there! Take care of yourselves and I'll keep watching this site. Love you all, Aunt Peggy in Kansas