Saturday, April 28, 2007

Chicka Chicka Woo! Hoo!

Well peeps, it finally happened! A little background first.

As most of you know we moved in January after Mike (dh) graduated from Texas A&M (with honors no less!) and accepted a job back home in Longview. I really wanted to try to finish out the school year but it just wasn't happening. We needed to move. The girls needed to have Daddy home every night and I needed him too. Plus, it was just too stinkin' hard to keep up with two households. I had to quit teaching in the middle of the year and my principal was awesome and completely agreed and reassured me that keeping the fam together was the right thing to do. So we did.

I thought I might accidentally find a job in the middle of the year and even went on a few interviews. Turns out that when you are a good teacher and need a job in the middle of the year they interview you for jobs that are no longer available (phantom jobs I call them) -- but they don't tell you that -- and then spring on you the fact that "Hey, we really like you. Will you come sub for us? We need you to work with the kids that didn't pass TAKS and need a little extra help." And, of course they want me to do all this on sub pay! I just couldn't do it. No way! I felt a little betrayed that they weren't honest up front. So, I chose to sub right here where we live. After all I want to work here next year and be on the same schedule as the girls. Maybe even the same school. That would be great.

Now for the meat of my story -- why I really posted this.....

Well, imagine my surprise when the prinicipal at Ally's school walks up to me on Wednesday and asks if I am working next week. I tell her I am but not sure what days -- I'll have to check. Her response? "Could you check and get in touch with me tomorrow so we can set up a time to interview you next week?" Well, heeeeeeck yeah! Although I looked completely composed I was doing some major somersaults inside! How awesome is that! And, then the next day I find out that another principal wants to interview me as soon as she gets it all organized. And, one of the "old time" teachers on that campus told me she personally went to that principal and told her I would be an assett on the campus and that everyone I have subbed for or with have had NOTHING but good things to say about me. (Talk about making my day! I floated on cloud nine the rest of the day!)

I have my 1st interview on Monday @ 3:30. Cross your fingers, toes, or whatever else you want for me! Say a little prayer. I can't tell you how excited I am. I have been feeling a little in the dumps lately because I just want to know yesterday if I am going to get to teach next year. (Everybody tells me I shouldn't worry. All the principals know me and like me ...yada, yada. But, you know, I have that little voice in the back of my head...) And, up until this point I hadn't gotten any calls. Mike kept telling me to be patient. It was still early...and honestly it still kinda is. I hate to admit that he was I won't. :P I told him I was nervous. After all I know I am a good teacher and I LOVE what I do. Will they be able to tell when I interview? He told me not to underestimate myself. Just show 'em what I got. He's right you know. (Did I really just type that? he he!) They just need to get to know me. And I plan on convincing them I'm their gal one way or another!

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