Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Ride's About to Begin...

Today I picked up my crutches.  The first pair I have ever had in my life.  I got them early because my doctor's nurse suggested I practice with them for a few days before the surgery.  (I've already discovered that is a good idea.)  They are super short just for me.  As a matter of fact, they are adjusted as short as possible.  My children think that is so funny.  I have heard many short jokes tonight, and I am sure I'll hear a lot more before this whole thing is over.

I unwrapped them and adjusted the handles.  Apparently, my arms are short too.  I had to adjust them up as far as possible.  Go figure.  Once I had them adjusted just right it made a world of difference in my using them.  So much easier when the pads aren't jammed in your armpits.

I'm beginning to feel anxious about this.  I'm glad that my foot will finally be on the road to getting back to "normal", but I have some things I'm worried about.

#1 -- It's going to be incredibly difficult to get around. At school, the nurse has told me that I can use the wheelchair we have in her office.  That will be good, I guess.

#2 -- I'm also a bit worried about bathing.  I know I can throw my leg over the side of the tub.  I'm really not worried about getting in the tub.  It's the getting out that has me stumped.  I can't get my foot wet or put weight on it.  It will be a challenge figuring that out, and I am SO GLAD that I won't have an audience watching the circus of me getting out of the tub.  (Please get that picture out of your head...I'm getting embarrassed...  hehe)

#3 -- When I FINALLY get to drive again, it might be interesting getting in and out of my Expedition.  It is not super high, but there's a running board to step on before you step into the truck.  I'm kind of wondering how that's going to work out...  Allison said she'd help me get in.  That might be interesting too.  lol  I don't think getting out will be a problem.  I'll just slide out and land on my good foot.  :)

#4 -- How bad is the surgery going to hurt?  Is it going to hurt so bad that I am going to want to throw up.  I hate throwing up.  And I'm really not fond of pain.  I hope they give me some hellacious pain meds.  I have a feeling I'll need them...

For now, I'll just start practicing on the crutches.  I need to bling them up too.  I'm thinking some patterned duct tape would be pretty cute.  I'll have to see what my girls have in their bedrooms. Could be a fun mommy daughter project!  ;)

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