Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Swimmer...

This is Allison at one of her swim meets.  She was resting before her next event.  I have to say that I am VERY PROUD of her!  Her swimming has come quite a long way from her first meet.  Then, she swam a 100 free and it took her over two minutes.  Now, she swims so much faster and her form and strokes are WAY more graceful than when she started.  Her 50 free is just 33 seconds now.   I love going to her swim meets.  :)

This is the start of one of her events.  I think she was swimming the 50 free in this one.  This summer she swam at the CHAMPS meet in Lufkin.  If she place in the top 16 of her age/event she would be eligible for the All Stars meet.  Well, I can say the competition in her age division is FIERCE!!!  She missed the top 16 in the 50 free by just a couple tenths of a second!  The same happened for her 50 backstroke, and she was 17th in her 100 IM.  She was disappointed, but I was still proud.  There were approximately 45 kids competing in these events so placing where she did was pretty good.  Finally, she swam her best event, 50 fly.  Her swim was pretty good, but it took FOREVER to get the results posted!  Right before we left they posted the results and she was 14th overall.  That meant she qualified for the All Star meet!  She was so excited!  So were we!  :)

The All Star meet is the best of the best in the ETSSL (East Texas Summer Swim League).  There are kids from several towns that compete in this league.  This would be her first time at the All Star meet.  The kids were fast and she did a great job keeping up with them.  She wasn't in the top places, but she gave her all and both her dad and I are very proud of what she accomplished.  :)

The summer swim league season is over now and, her practices are a bit less demanding.  Well, unless you are playing sharks and minnows and happen to be a minnow trying to stay away from the shark.  ;)  I am so thankful that she has found something that she loves to do so much.  I look forward to seeing her have many more successes in the future!!!

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Peggy said...

Oh, I am so proud of her!!! I hope she always keeps up swimming competitively! Tell her that my last swim lesson for this first part is on Saturday...I am trying! Have a great day and I love to read this blog!!! :)