Monday, December 20, 2010

The two weeks I have been waiting for...

ARE FINALLY HERE!!!!!  Yippe!!!  I have so looked forward to having some time off.  :)  I LOVE my job, but honestly, it is so nice to be able to chill out at home and do whatever I want.  And I get to do that for 2 weeks.  Life is pretty grand right now. 

My sis and her family made it to my house on Friday and stayed until Sunday.  We are the halfway point between her house in Florida and Mom & Dad's house in Oklahoma.  It was nice to see them.  We get to see them again next weekend for Christmas.  Then, they are staying at our house for a couple days before she ventures back home. 

Mike surprised me with my Christmas present.  He knew exactly what he wanted to get me, but was having trouble deciding "which one", so off to Best Buy we went last night.  He took me in and stopped in front of the cameras and told me to pick one.  I was completely stunned!  I have wanted a badass camera for quite some time.  And, apparently, now was the time to get it.  After lots of looking and talking to the sales guy, I chose the Canon D60.  It is still in the box, but let me tell you, look out later!  I am all over it and you never know when your gonna be the subject of my pictures!  :)

Well, I guess I need to post some pics. So, here goes... a few of my favorites:
Me and my girls - one of my favorite pics of us together  :)
Favorite pic of me and Mike - <3 him
My very best friends - Me, Kelli, Mary, & Jeannie  - aka "The Swim Cliche"

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