Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's a Gulfarium...Not an aquarium...

Thought I'd start this post with pretty cool pic...At least I think it's cool.  I had to leave my "mark" and represent.  It didn't last long though...The time came in soon after I took the picture.  I tried at least...

The Florida vaca started out pretty rainy.  We decided not to let it get us down and spent one of the rainy days at the Florida Gulfarium.  Before I get into this or post pics I have to tell you that you CANNOT  call it an aquarium down there.  If you do, you WILL be corrected.  I really don't know what the difference is, but apparently there is a difference.  And we know better than to screw the name up again...  :)

This place was pretty neat.  They had a lot of different tanks and shows.  The seating for them was pretty good too.  You were never too far back so you could see and take pictures.  The girls LOVED seeing the dolphins. 

Allison decided on that day that she might want to be a dolphin trainer and decided to ask the trainer what she would have to do to become a trainer herself.  Apparently you need a degree in sociology so you can learn to train the dolphins using behavior training.  Never thought of that before, but it makes sense.  She also found out that she'd have to do a lot of internships, even some that don't pay.  I don't know that she completely understood that she wouldn't get money for it.  I don't think her 11 year old brain quite comprehends that yet...

This is from the multi species show.  This sea lion was pretty cool!  In the second picture, there was also a dolphin that jumped up and touched a buoy in the air.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the dolphin too!
This is after the sea lion show.  These 3 sea lions were too funny.  They danced, clapped, and "asked" for applause every chance they got.  I guess they wore themselves out!

These sharks almost looked like they were fake.  They really didn't move much.  Every now and then you'd see one of them shift just slightly.  The picture doesn't really show how big they were.  They weren't huge, but they definitely weren't small either.  I'd be scared to death to be in there with them!

Overall, the Gulfarium was a lot of fun.  Even for the grown-ups.  :)  I'd definitely go there again!  :)

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