Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vacation...becoming Beach Bums

The past month has been busy! June ended with a round of VBS for the girls. They attended VBS at Mobberly Baptist Church and absolutely loved it. Dennis Lee, a ventriloquist, opened and ended each night and was really quite entertaining. I even giggled at some of his jokes. :) Truly a guy with gifts. (Click on his name to check out his website.) The girls seemed to really listen to the lessons at church and talked nonstop about how fun it was for them. Mobberly is a huge church that offers tons of stuff for the kiddos. I was very impressed!

A couple days after VBS ended, we drove 10 1/2 hours to Fort Walton Beach, Florida to visit my sister and her family. We left out on Sat., July 3rd and stayed until Friday the 9th. We spent the 4th at the beach. It was a lot of fun! It was also my sister's birthday. (She always thought the fireworks were for her...Ha!)

The girls had a blast at the beach. I think it was one of the things they looked forward to the most. The last time they were at the beach was in 2001. I think Allison was 2 1/2 and Whit was about 7 months old. I can't believe how long it had been...

The boat in the background of this picture is a dolphin cruise boat. Basically, you ride around on the boat and watch the dophins that swim around the boat. We went on one in 2001. It was pretty cool. I was amazed at the number of dolphins that swam around the boat. We didn't have time to go on it this trip, but we'll definitely try next trip. :)

These are a couple of my favorite pictures of the girls on the beach.

Allison and Whitney spent a lot of time looking for shells - both broken and unbroken shells. I can't tell you how many we brought was a lot, mostly broken ones though. They also tried to catch small crabs and fish that were coming up with the tide. Watching them hop like deer and dive on what they were trying to catch was quite entertaining to say the least. They never did catch any...

Mike finally got a little R&R. He needed it desperately. He has been swamped at work and needed some time away. He hasn't had a real vacation in at least 3 years. It was a much needed brain break for him. It was good to see him relax a bit. And, quite frankly, it was fun to hang out with him. He's an okay kind of guy. I think I'll keep him. ;)

Got a cute pic of me and Ally on the beach. She is growing up and maturing pretty quickly. It was fun to watch her still be a kid. Especially when she hunted for see shells. Each new shell proved to be an amazing find to her. :)

One of the last pics we took that day. The day was a bit overcast and cloudy so when I saw the light shining through the clouds as the sun set, I had to get this picture. I absolutely love how beautiful the sky looked that night. Perfect ending to a great day.

Enough pictures for tonight. I'll post more manana!



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