Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hello! Remember me????

It has been an awfully long time since I last blogged. I have been busy and uninspired, but lately I have been finding myself again. It is so nice too! I re-evaluated what I wanted in my life and let go of something that just seemed to be weighing on my shoulders. I quit my (scrapbooking) design team. I had a hard time staying motivated and didn't have enough time to devote to the message board. I really felt disconnected from that group of girls. I guess that I had just outgrown it. Since I quit, I have taken time off from scrapbooking. I think it has helped me find my mojo again. I have been feeling really inspired lately. Inspired to do lots of different things. I want to create art again... That hasn't happened in a while... It is kinda nice to have that feeling again.... :)

I also found something to get involved in that makes me feel GOOD. I started a fitness boot camp. It was so time to take care of me. Snap Fitness came to school and a group of us worked out -- more like let them kick our asses -- every week. It was awesome having the support of my friends there with me. I have never had that before... We were sore, aching, and some days barely walking, but I can tell you that it was a great experience. Duce and Julie were great cheerleaders. When I was ready to quit, they always were able to push me just a little farther than I thought I could go. Thanks Duce and Julie! But, PLEASE, no more leap frog! hehe Boot Camp II starts in a week! Can't wait for the pain -- bring it on!

Since making these changes I feel liberated. Is that the right word? Don't know, but it sounds good. hehe I have set some goals that I hope to meet in the next few months. Maybe if I put them on here I'll stick to them. :)

I have had a hard time wanting to blog because I just hated the way my blog was looking. I tried my hand at creating my own background and stuff, but it just stunk. I visit lots of blogs and Ginnifer Maloney has a background from I stopped by there and found this background. I really like it. It just seemed fun. :) Now, I just need to update some of my links. So, one of my goals is to update this thing more often. Maybe then, people will actually come visit it every so often. Visitors.....wouldn't that be nice!

I am trying to take more pictures. I lost the want for that over that last few months too. I think that kinda went along with losing my mojo. I am trying to take pictures weekly so that I can do a project with them. I am calling it: Project 52. A Year in the life..... I have the pics started. Should prolly start the project...

I have another goal of living a healthier life. I am doing another boot camp and trying to eat better. We are cooking at home more often and that helps. I am trying to make better choices for snacks and even meals. So far I think I am doing pretty good. I found out about a site called I am still figuring that out, but it is pretty neat. A friend of mine swears by it and she has lost weight and is looking great. Definitely want to learn more about it.

Since I have been feeling inspired lately, I decided I wanted to look how I feel. My hair was already short and I decided to make the back have the kind of messy/spikey look and I added red highlights to my hair. I look like a rock star now! hehehe Well, maybe not, but I LOVE my hair. It is fun and "artsy" -- kinda how I have felt lately. I surprised a lot of people at school. The kids told me right away whether or not they liked it. Most of them did. A lot of adults did too, but some were kinda funny. They would look at me and do a double take and then act like it wasn't there. That cracked me up. I have to say that I did like it when a few people told me they liked my rockstar hair. That was pretty cool.

Now that I am feeling motivated to create some art, I need to get to it! I would really like to get an etsy store or some sort of business selling my stuff. That would be awesome! I have started selling my frames and that has just been by word of mouth. I need to get in touch with Micah and get them in her gift shop soon. That's a start!

The last goal I have is to get more organized. I have been going through & getting rid of things. That in itself is pretty freeing. We took a load to Goodwill not long ago. So glad to get those boxes out of here. We have lots more to go through, especially in the girls' rooms, but we are slowly getting there. Hopefully in the next couple of months we'll have put a good dent in it.

A few goals written down... Although I have already started working on them it makes them more real to read them, you know? Keep me honest -- Ask me about them!

I'll be back in a day or two to post some pictures. It is definitely time for that. I have lots of them to post! Talk to you soon!

Much love!


Marci Knecht said...

It's so nice to see you back blogging again!

Good for you on the Boot Camp, you sound so happy and upbeat, whatever you're doing is obviously working for you.

Kim Langston said...

Good for you girl! I felt so liberated when I quit all my design teams... so refreshing not to feel that pressure. I am trying to make some changes in my life to be healthier, organized, and accomplished. It started with my move and that is about where it ended... didn't get that fresh start like I wanted. But that isn't stopping me. I still have my goals and am working slowly to put them in place. Thanks for the inspiration... think I will get off the couch and do something today!