Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Nights...

Get here too quickly in my opinion. I know I have been off for a week. Actually, 9 days if want to know the truth. But, Sunday comes and GOES way too quickly for me. I enjoy my time off but when it gets later on Sunday I start to dread Monday. I know that means that I have lots of responsibilities to face 1st thing in the morning. Lots of little kids that depend on me. I don't mind having the responsibility at all. I love my job. It's just that I love the mindlessness that weekends and time off tend to bring with them. It is pretty sweet sometimes to be able to do whatever the heck I feel like doing. For example, I stayed in my jammies ALL day yesterday except when we went to McDonald's for lunch. After we got home from McD's I was back in my jammies lounging on the couch watching movies all day long. That was pretty nice. I just gave my body and my mind a break. It is important to let it all go and just sink into yourself sometimes.......I think we need to do that more often. Too bad Sundays roll around like clockwork each week! :D Hope you have a good Monday!

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