Thursday, November 8, 2007

Is this week over yet?

This feels like it has been the longest week EVER! I am so ready for the weekend. I plan on doing some ME stuff and just being a little lazy. I really need that.

My schedule at school has had to change due to some of my kiddos getting pulled out of class for extra help. It's a good thing, I know. Just a little hard to adjust to only have a handful of kids in my class for nearly an hour. Then when the pull outs get back I have to quickly reteach them and get them caught up. I hope that by changing my schedule I'll be a little less stressed about this in the next few weeks. I am sure it will all work out. It just needs to happen soon!

Mom and Dad traveled back to Kansas today. They were there about a week ago and this time they plan on staying through next week. I am glad that Mom is able to go be with her brother. I think Uncle Mike is really glad she is there as well. I am going to leave him a message on his Care Page. This is a webpage set up by my cousin Jessica, his daughter. The address is His page is called larrymscott. He has recieved lots and lots of messages. I think it makes him feel good to get to read all of them. Jess has also posted some pictures on the site as well. It is nice to be able to see these.

Well, I am pooped. I think I will go lay down for a while and watch tv. I will probably fall asleep pretty quickly and not actually see any shows! Talk to you later!

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Brandy said...

You think time is dragging now, wait until life starts going in fast forward starting next week!! My best to your family, hopefully 2008 will only be full of happiness!!