Wednesday, November 9, 2011


If something is going to happen to a person it will happen to me.  I think I attract strange people and accidents.  Or accidents and strange people...I don't know what the order is...

Strange people -- I think I must have a look about me that says, " should come tell me some random stuff that I really don't care about."  This often happens to me in the bathroom of public places.  Really?  Who wants to talk to a stranger in the bathroom?????

Or, I have kids in my class that like to talk to me about random stuff...

Today's conversation:
Kiddo: (who is reading a book about diseases - what kid does that?) "Mrs. Lackey, I found a disease that can't be cured."
Me: "Really?  What is it?"
Kiddo:  He shows me his book.  "It's like two diseases in one.  HIV and Aids.  There isn't a cure for it."
Me: "You're right.  There is no cure."
Kiddo:  "Have you ever had it before Mrs. Lackey?"
Me:  "Uh...nope.  That's not curable.  I'm not sick and I'm still here."
Kiddo:  "Oh.  Okay."  And then he walks back to his seat.

Accidents - We all know about the dog pee accident I had in May.  Since May, I have been accident free until yesterday. As I was walking down the hall, a kid flicked a magnet right in my path just as I was taking a step.  I stepped right on that dang magnet and it caused me to kind of twist my ankle and I FELL DOWN.  In front of ALL THE KIDS!  I was embarrassed and mad all at the same time. I was ready to explode, but it was truly an accident.  When I fell down, I landed on my left knee.  The left knee that is connected to the left ankle/foot that spent the summer in a nice hot black orthopedic boot.  It hurt like CRAP!

Some of the kids that were with me could obviously tell I was upset.  One of them said, "Mrs. Lackey, you sure are pretty."  I said, "Thank you.  Did I look pretty when I fell down?"  She just grinned at me.  Another kiddo said, "I sure do like your hair.  How do you get it all spikey in the back?"  I told her with "lots of hair junk".  She seemed to like that answer.  Funny how kids try to fix a situation sometimes and they don't realize they even do it.

Well, my knee still hurts.  As the day went on today, my body slowly but surely got a little more sore than it was this morning.  My lower back and legs have ached like I worked out.  (I guess that's what a fall will do for you.)  My ankle and foot have hurt today as well.  I'm wondering if I did something to it when I fell.  I guess I'll just have to keep my eye on it over the next few days.

This morning the kiddo that was playing with the infamous "make Mrs. Lackey fall" magnet, sent me a note asking me to forgive him for what happened.  I wrote him back and told him I truly knew it was an accident and I was in no way upset with him.  I also told him that I was just embarrassed about falling.  That is not something I like to do often.  When I took him the note, I asked his teachers which room he was in so I could give it to him.  As I turned around and saw him, his face had a "deer in headlights" look.  He obviously didn't know what to think about me coming to his classroom looking for him.  I hope my note to him made him feel better just as his made me feel better.

I am positive that I will continue to run into "bathroom talkers", crazy kids at school (they make my day) and will continue to find the accident waiting to happen.  My life wouldn't be quite right if these things weren't a part of it.  I think it'd be pretty boring.  Don't you?  :)

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