Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a ride!

I haven't updated in quite a while. Once I got back from our family reunion in Kansas I had to really get on the ball and get my room ready for school. That done, I had to really get ready for school! Wow! I had a lot to do!

School started well. I really am glad that I am back at Bowen. I really love working at that school. The kids there are great and the people I work with are easy to get along with as well. I have a lot of work and extremely high expectations, but it is all worth it in the end if my kids in class are successful. That is such a great feeling -- to have successful kids in your class. I really love seeing their eyes light up when they understand or get excited about learning. Makes what I do all worthwhile...

Allison is in 4th grade this year. She is doing well except that she is having trouble with this thing called "HOMEWORK". For some reason she really doesn't like doing it. Go figure. We have our weekly arguements about why we have to do it. I usually win. :) She is learning the hard way that her momma and daddy mean business! She has started swimming on a swim team in addition to playing soccer. It has been a really positive thing for her. She LOVES to swim and it has made her feel so good about herself. I have enjoyed watching her. She is actually pretty good at swimming. Her coach is great too. She says Allison has the shoulders and kick of a butterflier. Wow! Thanks Coach Allison!

Whitney is in 2nd grade this year. She really likes her teacher. When she started the year her teacher came to me after school on many occasions to tell me funny stories about what Whitney had done. They cracked me up, but I couldn't let Whit know they were funny. For example, she told a sub that she went to the Olympics but didn't have any pictures because her mom forgot her camera. Ummm.....yea, right.... Well, I don't hear too manay Whitney stories any more. I am now getting really good reports about what a hard worker she is. That really makes me feel good. She is still playing soccer -- she is so super fast! She loves getting out there and taking control of the ball. She is pretty good at it too. I enjoy watching her play. In addition to soccer, she is doing gymnastics once a week. She really likes that too. She is still awkward looking when she does the exercises in gym class, but she just started a couple months ago so I guess that is to be expected.

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving break. It will be nice to just relax for a few days. I so need that. I am ALWAYS on the run and it can be overwhelming and exhausting. As a matter of fact, last Saturday I actually napped twice. The girls thought I must not feel good, and I let them think that, so they behaved abnormally well. It was a nice break for me. I enjoyed just laying in bed all day. I think I need to do that again sometime. Mental Health time.

I need to post some pics on here. I just don't have them ready to go today. I'll work on getting some picked out and posted. I am thinking this weekend might be a good day for pictures. We'll see. I also promise to do a better job of posting. Busy or not, I'll make time for blogging. It's a good thing.....

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