Monday, May 31, 2010

Finally summer...

It is finally summer here in East Texas! Woo! Hoo! I absolutely love summertime. I feel so free this time of year. No school, no kids (other than my own) needing something from me, time to get things accomplished, and a little time for me. I have LOTS of plans for this summer. I hope that I have time to accomplish them. :)

Just a few things I want to do:

*Finish the kitchen
*Paint the girls' bathroom
*Decorate the girls' bedrooms -- I have tons of ideas for their rooms. :)
*Decorate and organize my scrap room
*Float in my pool

Mike and I are also going to start landscaping around the pool. I have some sago palms and some ponytail palms to get us started. It will be a big job and will probably be an ongoing project for a while, but I feel positive it will be completely worth it. We already updated our pool area with a new pool liner earlier this month. It is amazing how different - and new - our pool looks now. I love it. :)

The girls are glad school is out now too. It is hard for me to believe they are going to be in 4th and 6th grade next year. They are growing up so fast. Both of them did exceptionally well on their TAKS tests. Allison was commended on her math test and missed being commended on her science test by one question. Whit took her first ever TAKS tests this year. She made an 85 on her math test and missed having a perfect score on her reading test by one question. We are so proud of them both!

Hope everybody has had a great Memorial Day weekend. Happy summer everyone!

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