Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Whitney!

Whitney is so excited to be 7 years old! She just couldn't wait. Last night she was so excited that she didn't get to bed until 1:00 in the morning! She kept saying that she would finally be a big girl when she was 7 years old. Today, she asked if she was really 7 because it just didn't feel like she was. I got tickled when she asked that. :) She had a big day today. We went to Chuck E. Cheese's for lunch -- her pick, not ours. :) Her Nana and Papaw and Aunt Kim, Uncle Mason and her cousins Maty and Ren met us there. They had so much fun playing and she was glad they were there. They brought her presents and before we even knew it she was tearing into them! She got a really cute puppy in its own purse from Nana and Papaw. It has all kinds of accesories with it. She has already brushed its hair to make it look perfect! From her Aunt Kim, Uncle Mason, Macy, Maty, & Ren she got a Nintendo DS game. Now, my baby girls LOVES WWE wrestling. She watches it every chance she gets and when she found out that there was a game she was just dying to get it. I jokingly told her there was absolutely no way she could have it. She must have taken me seriously! When she opened up the Ninetendo game she was beyond excited to see what it was! I am so glad I got a picture of her face! It was just priceless! I love you Whitney baby!


Marci Knecht said...

Happy Birthday Whit!

Lisa Carroll said...

oh she is so cute!! And it looks like she is having a blast!