Sunday, October 7, 2007

Good Sunday Morning! How is everybody doing today? Good, I hope!

I posted these pics of the girls this morning because it has been a while since I posted and I meant to post these a while back. These are their 1st day of school pics. I take them every year. I really love how these turned out. I took these in our front yard. Both the girls were so excited about school this year. So far, they are both having a great year. No checks in their behavior calendars and their grades look pretty good too! I am proud of them!

On the homefront, we are looking for a new place to live. We are leasing this house until Jan. 15th. The people that own it live in Florida. From what I understand the house sat empty for about 3 years before we moved into it. The couple that own it would just come stay in it from time to time when they had bad weather where they lived or just to get away for a while. Well, last Wednesday I got a call from the real estate company that is managing the house. They told me that the couple want to move back and would we move out early. I was in complete shock! In this town there are nearly ZERO rentals and the ones that are open don't accept pets. So, I think we are looking into buying a house. We are supposed to go look at one today. Mike sent off for a certificate of eligibility for a VA loan. I hope it gets here soon so we can get the process of getting a house going. Cross your fingers for us! Gotta run! More later!


Marci Knecht said...

Ugh, that's not good news :( At least they gave you a few months to look. I always love house shopping so hopefully this will be a fun, enjoyable experience for you all. Good luck with the house hunt.

Angela said...

Hi Brandy! I finally found your blog! Congrats on your new will be awesome! And ggod luck with the house thingy too!